About Us

About the President

Mr. Servello is a Canadian Businessman and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. After 30 years in the Network Marketing Industry and with many successful ventures to his credit, Mr. Servello decided to launch Gem Cash International.

His Start in Network Marketing
At the age of 18, Carlo had immersed himself in the world of network marketing.  Herbalife was the first company he was introduced to, as he began to earn upwards of $120 per sale. Now, Herbalife products were easy to sell because the products actually worked and the company stood behind their 100% money back guarantee. It wasn’t long before Carlo realized that a single sale, which took only less than 30 minutes of his time, would earn him more money than his full day’s pay on the construction site.
In just a few weeks, Carlo maintained a customer base of just over 40 with monthly earnings of $4500.00.
Continued Success
After 4 ½ years of steady profits with Herbalife, Carlo joined an established company that was just making its entry into the Canadian marketplace.  It was a 7-year-old company from Memphis Tennessee called National Safety Associates. Top income earners were making six figure yearly incomes while some even earned as high as seven figures.  Carlo decided that it was his time to become a part of this elite group. In just 10 months, Carlo reached the second highest position in the company and 6 months later, was appointed the top position of National Marketing Director. Carlo built a sales force of thousands of distributors and began to earn a percentage from their monthly sales. He made his first million dollars with that company and was also one of the top distributors in Canada. He later became a member of the President's Advisory Council (PAC 10).
In the mid 2000s Carlo joined a company in the Travel industry and built a sales force of 40,000 distributors. He helped many distributors earn significant incomes along the way. Carlo proved again why he is the right person to follow in your quest for financial success.

The Launch of Gem Cash International
Opportunity strikes again! After being in the industry for many years, Carlo knows a good business when he sees one. He has built a revolutionary marketing system that enables distributors to earn income faster than any other marketing plan known in the industry. It is Carlo’s dream to see Gem Cash International’s distributors realize even greater success than he was able to in his previous network marketing ventures. That is why he made sure that all the tools for success are readily available to you.
We wish you great success on your Gem Cash International journey.