Health, wealth, wisdom, and love – a fine ruby glows as intensely as a burning ember possessing all the magical power of perpetual fire. Our deepest desires can be found in the facets and reflections of these life inspiring stones. The protective and healing powers of the king of gemstones has been recorded throughout history – from early man grinding ruby into a liquid paste for the skin, to early medical findings in India where rubies were thought to cure digestive disorders. Warriors in Burma were known to insert rubies under their skin so that they would not be wounded in battle.


Colour is the most important factor affecting the ruby’s value. Ruby hues range from orangy red to purplish red. The most valuable ruby colours are red to slightly purplish red with medium to medium-dark tone and vivid saturation so long as the darkness of the stone has a positive effect on the brilliance. Orangy or more purplish rubies are less valuable. Large rubies are more rare and valuable than comparable diamonds.


Rubies can scratch almost anything, and no natural gemstone other than diamond can scratch them. In fact, non-gem-quality corundum is often used to cut and polish other coloured stones. Most natural rubies are heat treated to improve their colour. Warm,